We Are All Winners

I would like to say something about many business and technology competitions I participated in:

Whether I was a winner or not, I always feel glad and satisfied because one of my competitors or I was eligible for the prize as a deserved winner in competition (wherever its final judgement is fair and just). Yes, because I like reality, I embrace success and I support human development, all of the time and everywhere.

After a long life of thinking and research, the great American thinker Stephen Covey told us in his all-time bestseller “The 7 Habits of the Most Effective People” how we have to think win-win in order to win, because we cannot be winners if our ecosystem is the loser.

The best prize I win in every competition is: information and communication (i.e. ideas and friends). The real meaning of entrepreneurship in my point of view is being thankful to God because of his great blessings.


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